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Bent Holstein

For many years, the painter Bent Holstein  cultivated aesthetic perfection and balance. His canvases were beautiful and controlled , polished and refined. He was an aristocrat among his contemporaries.

But in the midst of his professional touch there always lurked a quivering nerve that made the observer hold her gaze upon his paintings. You quickly suspected that there was more taking place than you noticed at first. The figures were set off against the fluid abstract forms. As in a dialogue. Like actions in a dramatic scene in which the spoken lines Fly over one another like sharp arrows and finally unite into a greater whole.

But the paintings were first of all discreetly romaticin thei effect, with an almost hedonistic sensuousness and a refined elegance. In a time when much painting is intended to resemble a tremendous hangover, unshaven and belching,, sloveny and wobbling , Holstein became an increasingly solitary figure. With his sensitive sensory apparatus and his special ear for the musical qualities of the color spectrum , he obviously stood out from his surroundings. Like a tapdancer surrounded by stomping hillbillies. These qualities have certainly not departed from his paintings. He is still the dandy of the party. But at the same time , it is true that a couple of years ago Holstein suddenly cast all his caution and driven professionalism aside and unveiled a form of painting that presumably had been under preparation for some time. His new paintings were much more abstract than the earlier work , albeit with an unmistakably lyrical tone about them. Clearly inspired by his great love of nature.

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